Arm Knitting


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Our extended family decided to pull names this year for Secret Santa, and we had one stipulation, to create homemade gifts, and we could only spend a maximum of $20. My daughter pulled her cousin, and she decided that she wanted to arm knit her an infinity scarf. I had never heard of Arm Knitting before (I am an avid knitter and crocheter), but she sent me a Youtube video, and she came over, and we decided to give it a try. The instructions said it would take 30 min, and it really did! The scarf at the top is our finished product. Not bad considering we had both never tried arm knitting before.

We used this great how to video from Michael’s, just make sure to pause, and go back as many times as you need to make sure you know what you’re doing before you start!page-elements_line_break

Here are the written instructions from Michael’

MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 12″ [30.5 cm] wide x 40″ [101.5 cm] around.


Cast on 8 stitches with 2 strands of A and 1 strand each of B and C held together. Arm knit following the Basic Arm Knitting Instructions (see below) until work measures approximately 40″ [101.5 cm]. Cast off.

Sew cast on and cast off edges together.

Basic Arm Knitting Instructions

The name says it all: instead of using traditional needles to knit, you use your arms to cast on, knit and bind off. The finished fabric is loosely knitted and drapes beautifully. Many Arm Knitting patterns work with multiple strands of yarn.

Basic Arm Knitting Instructions:

The instructions are for a long-tail cast-on, so make a large slip knot approximately 2 yards from the end of the ball. (The length from the end will vary depending on the number of stitches you cast on.) Slide it onto your right arm.

Cast On Row: Hold the working yarn (from the ball) and the tail in your left hand as if doing a regular long-tail cast-on. The tail is in front (around your thumb) and the working yarn is in the back (around your index finger).

Move your right hand under the front strand; pick up loop on finger and pull through loop on thumb, then place on right arm.

Repeat this step until you have the correct number of stitches on right arm, making sure that they are not too snug on your arm.

Row 1: Hold the working yarn in your right hand. With your left hand, pull the stitch at your right wrist off of your right hand. Take the loop now in your right hand and put it on your left arm. You have now knit your first stitch. Repeat for all stitches on your right arm so your left arm has all the stitches and your right arm has none.

Row 2: Hold the working yarn in your left hand. With your right hand, pull the stitch at your left wrist off of your left hand. Take the loop now in your left hand and put it on your right arm. Repeat for all stitches on your left arm so your right arm has all of the stitches and your left arm has none.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until the piece is the length required in the pattern and you have enough yarn left for bind off and to sew the ends together if necessary.

Bind Off Row: Knit the first two stitches of the row as in previous rows. Drop the yarn from your hand, and pull the first stitch over the second stitch and off of your hand. You now have one stitch left on your arm.

Knit another stitch, drop the yarn, and pull the second stitch over the third stitch and off of your hand. Continue in this manner until the row is complete and there is one stitch left on your arm. Cut the end from the ball, leaving enough yarn to sew ends together. Pull the tail through the final stitch and tighten to secure.


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