Gardening in Small Spaces

It’s the time of year when the weather starts getting warmer, the flowers start blooming, and you start to plan your summer garden. Many if us love to garden, but with some of us enjoying Condo living, and small spaces, we wanted to highlight how easy it can be to plant a garden anywhere! We came across this great article outlining 13 great small space solution for gardening from Martha Stewart. We chose our favourite 5 solutions, but to read the rest of the article, please click here.

“…Window Boxes

Feeling left behind by the grow-your-own-food revolution because you live in a gardenless apartment or have a postage-stamp yard? Take heart: Anyone with a sunny windowsill, patio, or balcony can cultivate edibles. In fact, choosing plants that are nourishing, delicious, and beautiful is the ultimate way to maximize limited space, whether you’re working with one little window box or several large containers.

When space is limited but enthusiasm isn’t, think containers. These window boxes, just two feet long each, are big enough to grow all sorts of herbs, including oregano, basil, chives, and rosemary…”

“…Patio Garden

Just as in conventional vegetable gardens, sunshine is vital for small-space success. Six to eight hours of bright light daily is best. Buy bags of soilless mix for container growing from a garden center or nursery. The lightweight mixture provides a fast-draining medium that’s ideal for growing vegetables. Food crops also need consistent and frequent watering, so be sure to think about the location of your hose or faucet when planning where to plant — the closer your plants can be to water, the better. And remember: A mini garden is not likely to overflow with produce. But when you serve a just-picked salad from your window box to a friend or make fresh salsa from sun-warmed tomatoes and peppers harvested right outside your door, you’ll get the same bragging rights as any proud farmer.

Gardeners who have room for pots can grow a surprising amount of produce by carefully choosing plant varieties and staking where appropriate…”

“…Garden Pot Basics

As long as it gets adequate sun, a small patio can provide enough room to grow a range of crops without demanding much time or labor. Devote the most planting space to the veggies your family loves best. Keep in mind that large plants such as beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes require large pots (two feet in diameter or more). Smaller pots are perfect for peppers, greens, kale, and herbs, and they look great tucked between larger containers. For season-long interest, combine plants with varied flowering times so that some things will be ripening while others will be ready to harvest. In hot weather, water evaporates quickly from the elevated soil in a container. You may need to irrigate your pots every day if temperatures go above 90 degrees…”

“…Choose Superproductive Plants

Don’t wait all season for a few huge slicing tomatoes. Instead, opt for prolific, early-bearing, and delicious cherry tomatoes, such as ‘Sun Gold.’…”

“…Keep Your Greens Fresh

Harvest salad greens lightly once a week to encourage growth; when the plants become exhausted, remove them and plant seeds for a new crop…”


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