#GoodReads – After an offer has been accepted


#GoodReads – “What to do after an offer has been accepted” via Canadian Real Estate Magazine.

“The home buying process can be a long and complicated one at the best of times. Between all the paperwork, home viewings and bidding wars, it can put a lot of stress on both buyers and sellers. But, nothing feels better than when you get to the end of the process and an offer is accepted on what could be your dream home.

While it may be a relief, your work isn’t quite done yet. Between an offer being accepted and the actual closing date, there is still a bit of work to be done. And, though you are most of the way there, these final steps are important to make sure everything goes right…

Speak to your real estate lawyer

Make sure your deposit is in order

Home inspections

Home appraisal

Arrange a closing date and close the deal

Inform your landlord

Don’t put off packing

Pay your agents

Final matters

Home insurance

Update your mailing address

Activate utilities

…If your offer has been accepted, don’t feel overwhelmed by all the things on this list. It really seems like more than it is and with the right help, everything will be easily handled and before you know it you will be moving into your new home!”

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