#GoodReads – Buy a home with the assistance of experts

#GoodReads – Buy a home with the assistance of real estate, legal and financial experts via Welland Tribune.

“…Real estate representative: Real estate salespeople can offer a broad range of service options to buyers. These may include sharing their knowledge about housing in specific neighbourhoods, monitoring marketing trends, offering strategic advice, arranging showings, negotiating, and managing paperwork on your behalf…

Real estate lawyer: Given that real estate agreements are legally binding contracts, I strongly recommend that you consult a lawyer who is insured to practice real estate law. Your lawyer can provide legal counsel, review the documents, investigate the title and take the necessary steps to complete the transaction successfully.

Mortgage lender: If a mortgage is required, finding one with loan terms and a rate you’re comfortable with is vital. You can speak to an institutional mortgage adviser or you may want to work with a mortgage broker who can access a variety of lenders.

Home inspector: A home inspection is one of the most common conditions that buyers include in offers. An experienced home inspector will examine property features, such as electrical, roofing, plumbing, foundation and septic systems. This can give you, as a buyer, valuable information before you finalize the home purchase.”

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