#GoodReads – Pathway from Hong Kong to Canada

“Pathway from Hong Kong to Canada now open” via CanadianRealEstateMagazine(dot)com.

“There are roughly 300,000 Hong Kong residents who still hold Canadian passports, but as their once-vibrant city, bedimmed by an increasingly hostile, tyrannical government in Mainland China, forces them to relinquish citizenship to either nation, Canada has cleared the path for their return.

Last week, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced a work permit, valid for a three-year term, for Hong Kong residents who obtained post-secondary diplomas in Canada within the last five years. Additionally, the IRCC will ease entry restrictions, with the eventual goal of permanent residency, for Hong Kong residents who have at least a year’s worth of work experience in Canada or who satisfy language and education criteria.

‘The launch of the Hong Kong immigration pathway is a historic initiative that will attract young, talented and experienced graduates who will help to drive Canada’s economy forward,’ said a statement from IRCC Minister Marco E. L. Mendicino…

‘Another factor to consider is the increased likelihood that due to the situation in Hong Kong, many Canadian residents there are choosing to return to Canada,’ said the report. ‘And that number probably could accelerate in the coming year given that the Chinese authorities are starting to enforce a decade-old law that denies dual citizenship. The official estimate is that there are currently 300,000 Canadian citizens in Hong Kong, but that estimate is based on 2006 statistics.It’s not unreasonable to assume that the current number is close to 400,000. Based on the above shortcomings, we estimate that the number of returning citizens in 2020 was close to [60,000] people higher than suggested by official estimates.’

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