#HealthLove – Healthy ways to quench your thirst

#HealthLove – Healthy ways to quench your thirst via Goodlife Fitness.

“…There are two things about water most people can agree on. One, it’s vital for our bodies to function. Two, it tastes really boring.

Try these DIY thirst quenchers that transform tap water into a refreshing, inexpensive drink with the health benefits of vitamins, minerals and naturally-occurring sugars. One of the bonuses of adding flavour to your water is that it can motivate you to drink more of it, and stay properly hydrated…”

“…Add a dash of flavour

Boost the taste of water by infusing it with fruit, vegetables, herbs and even spices.

Two of the most common additions are sliced lemons and limes, but these ingredients also pack a lot of punch:

  • torn mint leaves (try with blackberries)
  • shredded basil leaves (pair with orange slices)
  • sliced strawberries (adding kiwi boosts sweetness)
  • cucumber slices (also goes well with mint)
  • cinnamon stick (with apple slices)

Consider buying a water bottle with a screen or insert that holds fruit and herbs.

To make a large amount, infuse your water ahead of time. Fill a pitcher with water (eight cups or about two litres) each day, and steep the ingredients in the fridge for two to three hours. You can even leave it overnight to give your water more character – or press the fruit with a potato masher for a more intense taste…”

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