Outdoor Christmas Arrangements on the Cheap



Making beautiful outdoor Christmas arrangements is not hard, if you plan ahead, and think outside the box. I purchased $40 worth of greenery, and then re-used my summer planters, and also my summer hanging basket. With all the greenery, you can’t even see that I reused it. I made sure, to use a mix of foliage, using different kinds of evergreens. Some were used as an overhang, and other mixed in for texture and colour. In the cooler climates, greens will keep for the month, as they dry out in the pot. After that, you can just put them in the green bin. I also mixed in some Christmas ornaments I had laying around that I no longer use in the house, as they are aging, and not in great shape anymore. It was that simple! It took me approximately 30 minutes to create these three arrangements, and I think that they make a nice touch when entering our house.

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