Quick and Easy Fall Outdoor Arrangement



Fall is one of my favourite times of the year, and I am always inspired by the beautiful colours of autumn. I am a huge fan of DIY arrangements, and I like to change my outdoor arrangements to match the seasons. This year I decided to include both mixed dried plants and artificial flowers and fruit in my wall basket (with a planter pot inside). I have tried only dried plants before, but the colour does not hold, and in the summer I use potted plants in the basket, but with the temperatures dropping, the arrangement will not last with flowers. I also wanted to have live plants as well, but needed a heartier variety, and  decided to try live cabbage and peppers on my porch table. I owe a huge thank-you to my client Bob who noticed me peeking at his wicker basket and graciously gave it to me. I have enjoyed this basket for a several seasons now, and every time I hang it, I send him a picture of my new arrangement. It’s amazing how just some simple changes really set a nice fall atmosphere!


Written by Karen Shaver.


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