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The Property Brothers Point Out an Awful Kitchen Trend That Will Date Your Home

“Drew and Jonathan Scott are no strangers to outdated homes, but the latest house on ‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ is a real doozy.

In the Season 6 episode ‘Out of the Time Warp,’ Drew and Jonathan meet Derek and Krista, a Calgary, Alberta, couple with a home stuck in the ’80s. With dated oak in every room and a tile counter Jonathan says looks like a retro video game, this home is due for a serious upgrade. Plus with three kids and a large extended family (Krista has 11 siblings), the couple need to open up their layout and create more entertaining space.

Armed with a hefty $200,000 renovation budget, the Scott brothers give this home a massive update that the family will surely love for decades. Find out which features scream ’80s and absolutely must be fixed, with plenty of smart lessons you might be glad to implement in your own home…”

Painting an outdated staircase can save a fortune

Go for simpler storage

Save money on a fireplace makeover

Two-tone cabinets are on-trend

Tile counters are tricky to clean

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