The Importance of Curb Appeal


This excellent article posted on OREA, outlines the importance of first impressions when getting your home ready to sell. Especially in Canada with the changing seasons, it is important to keep your yard neat, and tidy all year long!

Here is an excerpt of the article (to read the full article, please click here):

“…Here are a few ways to give your exterior a makeover:

Front doorway:

The front door is the centerpiece of your home’s exterior and catches the eye almost instantly. Make sure to remove any dirt or grime and give it a fresh coat of paint. Why not try red to give the house a splash of colour?


Windows are the next big eye-catching area on a home. So give your windows a good scrub on the inside and out – and don’t ignore the screens. Remove any rotting wood and give them a fresh coat of paint will make them look brand new. Adding a few window boxes can add more colour and interest


Pathways and lighting can create or break a welcoming appearance. You’ll want to show potential homebuyers your green thumb by updating your landscaping. Give shrubs and bushes a trim and wash down any patio and pathway stones. Low-voltage lighting is an easy and effective way to provide a feeling of safety and warmth. Show off your flare for drama by creating accent lighting on plants, shrubs and trees.


The human eye loves balance so create some eye-pleasing symmetry around your front entrance with light fixtures and plants on either side of the doorway.


Polish up or replace accent pieces around the front such as doorknobs, knockers, doorbells, house numbers and mailboxes. Cleaning up or updating these small details can make a big difference in appearance…”

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