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#HomeLoveHamilton – Spring into Listings

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Spring Market For Buyers

Many Buyers come to life in the Spring, especially those with young children in school or starting school soon.  They often prefer to move during the summer vacation.  Here are some tips to remember when thinking about moving.

Choose a bank or mortgage company

Mortgage rules have changed recently and it would beneficial to actually speak to a mortgage specialist about these changes incase they affect you.

Look objectively at your finances

You will need a downpayment for your purchase, you will also need enough cash to pay your land transfer tax upon closing (unless you are a 1st time buyer); also moving and lawyer expenses can be substantial.

Know your price range for home buying

Be prepared and realistic about your home shopping. It would be very disappointing to put an offer on a home only to find out that you cannot get a mortgage for the amount you need for the purchase.

Choose neighbourhoods that suit you 

You may want to live in an area where your children will have friends to play with, you may want to be near amenities or transit.  You may wish to have a spot in the country.  Don’t choose a house just for itself, your neighbourhood is very important and should fit your lifestyle.

Decide on size of home that you need

Space, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, a finished basement may all be important considerations for your home purchase.

Know what amenities are most important to you

Make sure the specific amenities that you need are available in the neighbourhood you choose. Write your wish list out so that you can focus on it.

Make changes as you go, if need be.

How to Prepare for the Spring Market

Spring is the time that many sellers want to get their homes out there in time for the busy season. It’s important to start getting your home ready long before the snow is gone.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for the spring market:

Choose a Realtor that suits you.

Get recommendations from friends and interview several listing agents to see which ones have the right experience with similar homes in your price range and area. A real estate agent with a great marketing plan and deep local knowledge is extremely important. Don’t just go with the one who tells you they can sell for the highest price; choose someone who can present you with a detailed market analysis.

Clear away the clutter

If you visit model homes or open houses of homes that have been staged, you’ll never see a stack of unread magazines, children’s artwork loosely hanging on the refrigerator, or a cluster of unpaid bills on a table. While everyone has clutter, buyers want to see a fantasy version of your house, in which they can envision living. Once your home is on the market you’ll need to keep it as neat as possible. One way to make that easier is to reduce the amount of clutter you have on your shelves and surfaces. Put away items that are regularly on your kitchen sink and pack away the family photos that gather dust.

Begin Packing and Organizing Your Belongings 

This process will help you to get ready for your move, in advance. Your home will look more spacious with fewer items around. With less distractions a Buyer can focus on what is great about your house.

Make Repairs and Improvements

While you don’t necessarily want to do a major, expensive renovation project before you sell, you can make minor repairs and improvements that will make your home look fresher to buyers. Try things such as replacing the caulk and grout in your bathroom, updating old or rusted ceiling fans and light fixtures, and changing switch plates, doorknobs and other hardware for a clean and neat appearance. Consider painting your front door and trim even if your rooms don’t need new paint.

Spruce up the Curb Appeal

Try painting your door a pretty hue that coordinates with your home’s colour. Try a contrast between the front door and the facade of the home. If your house is grey or white with black shutters, consider painting the front door red. Other ways to beautify your home’s exterior are adding appealing house numbers to your entrance and hanging a pretty wreath on the door. For extra pop, place a potted plant or two by the front entrance.

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