Real estate agent commission and our special offers

page_headers_3page-elements_headerHow does my real estate agent get paid?  Real estate agents usually get paid a percentage of the total sale price of a home. Market averages are about 4-5% total to both brokerages (a portion to the listing agents brokerage and another portion to the buying agents brokerage). Which is on average 2-2.5% per brokerage for one transaction. Then subsequently each sales representative get paid a portion of that amount paid to their brokerage.


Our mission: Home Love Hamilton is a local real estate team committed to representing our clients with honesty and integrity every step of the way. We want clients to feel that their business is valued and that our knowledge is a valuable asset. We act as an extension of our clients, using our knowledge to assist our clients in attaining their real estate goals. Our understanding of contracts, market “norms”, market risk and value is gained only through experience, and attention to detail. With this we serve our clients well in helping them make educated decisions. We are understanding and positive and always put our clients first. Working with us means you are supporting local real estate agents who have a commitment to excellent service that is friendly, professional and valuable.

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