Get Ready To Move Checklist

page-elements_headerCongratulations! Get Ready To Move.

Moving can be a hectic time, but this list can help you stay organized. Getting Ready To Move checklist:

Moving into your new home:

-Arrive at your home before the movers.
-Check that you’ve been given keys to every lock in your new home.
-Make sure the utilities are on and working properly.
-Check the appliances, furnace and water heater. Contact a repair service if something is not working.
-Lay down plastic sheets to minimize dirt in the house.
-Set up your bed; unpack the kitchen and bathroom to help you feel at home.
-Check the condition of each box or household item as it is uploaded. Make a list of all missing or damaged items on the mover’s copy of the inventory form.
-You won’t be able to check items which have not been unpacked, so above your signature on the Bill of Lading write: “subject to loss or hidden damage.” Personally report any loss or damage to your salesperson or move coordinator.
-To prevent possible damage, television sets, other electronic equipment equipment, and major appliances should not be used before they have a chance to adjust to room temperature.

Here is a list companies and organizations to notify of your move:

Financial Services:

-Credit card companies
-Department stores
-Investment companies
-Government offices:
-Vehicle registration
-Post office
-Federal and provincial revenue agencies

Professional services:

-Insurance company
-Charitable Donations

Utilities and services:

-Property taxes
-Phones and Cable


-Gym membership
-Online Registration



2 months before the move:

-Sort through the contents of closets, drawers, and cupboards to weed out what you don’t want or need. Hold a yard sale, or donate unwanted items to charity.
-Inventory everything of value you plan to move and determine replacement vales for insurance purposes.
-Obtain estimates from several moving companies and choose one.

6 Weeks Before:

-Finalize real estate or rental needs.
-If moving out of town, make travel arrangements.
-Notify your children’s schools of the move and contact new schools for enrolment information.
-Obtain copies of school records, or have them sent to new schools.
-Ask doctors to recommend doctors in your new community.
-Consult insurance agents to find out if changes to policies are necessary.

1 week before:

-If you’re packing your house yourself, finish packing boxes.
-Confirm travel arrangements, if needed.
-Arrange payment or deposit for movers.
-Get cash on hand to tip movers.
-Write directions to your new home for the moving company, confirm delivery date, and give the company your itinerary and cell phone number.
-Complete change-of-address forms at the post office, and send notices to magazine subscriptions, creditors, friends and relatives, alumni organizations, credit cards, banks, and any other necessary companies and organizations.
-Cancel newspaper subscriptions.
-Notify your employers – new and old – of your new contact information.
-Clean rugs and have them packed for moving.
-Obtain health certificates from your vet for pets traveling by air.
-Pack suitcases you plan to move yourself with clothes, toiletries, jewelry, and important financial records and documents.

Moving Day:

-Pack your first-night box.
-Accompany the mover as he or she inventories your possessions and makes condition reports.
-Sign the bill of lading (ensure that the address and phone number are correct) and inventory, and keep your copies in a safe place.
-Lock windows, turn off lights, close doors, and take a final tour after the movers have finished to make certain nothing is left behind.
We have been realtors for many years in the Hamilton/Burlington area, we know the markets and have been successful buying and selling homes for people all over this area. We are qualified and always professional, and have and eye for the details. With our help we hope to be able to sell your home for it’s valued top dollar as quickly as possible.

Selling your home or even buying a new one can be a complicated and tedious process, if you have any questions about buying or selling, give us a call or email anytime, it’s our pleasure to be able to help you!

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