#GoodReads – Housing Plan Announced

“News Update: Major housing plan announced” via OREA.

“This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Sean Fraser made a major housing announcement that will help increase supply and help Canadian families find affordable homes that meet their needs.

The initiatives the Federal Government announced include: 

  • Introduction of legislation to remove GST on the construction of new purpose-built rental apartments.
  • A call for provinces that currently apply provincial sales taxes to match the federal rebate for new rental housing.
  • A requirement that local governments end exclusionary zoning and encourage building apartments near public transit in order to have Housing Accelerator Fund applications approved.

OREA has been a strong advocate for these changes. We strongly believe this will pave the way forward to expanding housing choices across the spectrum and commend the Prime Minister and Minister Fraser for making this important announcement..”

“Click here to read the full statement from OREA CEO, Tim Hudak.” 

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